Synthetic grass (also known as fake grass and synthetic turf) is increasing in popularity. Growing environmental awareness has contributed to this trend, as has the economic benefits fake grass offers. In addition, as manufacturing techniques have advanced, the ability of the casual observer to tell the difference between real grass and artificial grass has decreased. We have recently completed a number of synthetic grass projects in Rockingham and Mandurah with rave reviews. Our customers are loving their new fake grass and we wanted to share with you some of the ways synthetic turf can benefit your family

Synthetic Turf  Doesn’t Need Watering

Unfortunately real lawns need watering to stay in top shape, especially during long hot summers. However, watering grass is time consuming and expensive. Water is also a precious resource that many people believe should be conserved where possible. So how do you maintian an attractive lawn without watering? Install a synthetic one!  Synthetic grass never needs watering,  only the occasional clean.

Synthetic Grass Never Needs Mowing

Who actually likes mowing the lawn? Certainly no one we know! Well, with synthetic grass you never have to mow the grass again. Sound good? Call Beachside Landscapes for a free quote on installing fake grass.

No More Weeds

Your synthetic turf won’t grow so neither will weeds. Well, once in a while the occasional weed may pop up but that’s what they like to do! And pulling one weed is much easier than trying to keep an entire lawn free from them!

Fake Grass is Durable

Synthetic grass lasts. Some of our clients who have installed synthetic turf in Rockingham say that their lawns are still going strong 10 years later.  Now that’s value for money!

Safe for Allergy Sufferers & Children

Synthetic Grass is free from nasties like pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals. This makes it ideal for children’s play areas as well as in the homes of allergy sufferers. In fact, many schools and councils in Mandurah have already installed fake grass in children’s play areas.

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